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Resonance Is Total Alignment


Resonance Is Total Alignment

Art Von Sy

Trust yourself and find resonance. To be your best you must get everything that stands in the way of yourself out of the way. You can’t tackle the world if you’re still tackling yourself.

Your abilities are the awakened potentials of your capacity. You can’t force authenticity, you need to let it find you. For that, you will need to fully embody yourself, without any obstacles.

And it’s without the obstacles in the way of your capacity that you will be able to find yourself at your disposal. That’s how you will learn to master yourself to the point of being able to ignite yourself to experience more flow, more of the good stuff, and simply feel amazing just because you want it.

You can’t tackle the world if you’re still tackling yourself.

But you can’t do that unless you stop compensating for people’s attention, for their approval, for their acceptance, and for your inadequacies—presumed or not. The problem with compensation is that you eventually have to realize that it won’t get you anywhere you have not been before.

The paradox is that of you manipulating yourself to seek approval from the world to finally just be yourself. Yet the only approval you can expect is for the counterfeit you presented. Because the only approval you can gain is for your impostor. The impostor can’t do it for you. You will have to start from scratch again, and the second time around is the first time wasted.

Learn to feel amazing just because you want it. That’s it.

This is what it means to be in resonance: utterly at your disposal, utterly in flow, unconditionally vast. And to not make your quality of existence dependent on external factors anymore. You will have transcended the impulse to drown your ego because you were smart enough to learn how to ride it. 

Don’t just think outside of the box, go live there. You’re not the centre, you are its circumference.