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Infinity Is Your Fingertips


Infinity Is Your Fingertips

Art Von Sy

Stop for a while. Relax your grasp and breathe. Not just with your lungs, but with your mind, with your presence. 

Take a long look. Take a shot at the innocence of seeing clearly. Behold the scene with ruthless clarity. Dissolve the prejudice of its form.

Behold the scene with ruthless clarity.

Unlatch from the compulsion of the common rush. Just release the contraction of your blinkers. Take them off and see, hear and experience the truth of every present moment.

You have the choice, in every waking moment, to create a space that defies your programming. You can come alive with explosive innocence and infuse your world with something awesome you forgot to remember.

Breathe, stop and suspend the ordinary. Expect the extraordinary.

Inherent in the raw stream of reality is a boundless number of permutations. It’s never how you think it is, neither what you think you must do. It’s always already more than that. And a mere shift away from unveiling itself.

There is a vast immensity of choices at your disposal. Open yourself to the boundaries and leave your mark in every present moment. Right now. Don't miss it.

With nothing at your fingertips, infinity is your fingertips.