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Presence, Absorption, Charisma


Presence, Absorption, Charisma

Art Von Sy

Self-awareness that results in self-contraction is the genesis of all inauthenticity and ugliness. Your flaws are just your uniqueness with a negative spin. Unless you remove the spin, and take the experiences you have as they are, the way they are—and they don’t need to be perfectly accurate in the objective sense, simply accept the qualia—you become radiant with power and authenticity.

Neuroscience has discovered something that went against all the hunches of the field. Mirror neurons. There is a strong materialistic basis to ourselves simulating everything other people do as if it were our body to get an impression of who they are and how they are.There is no reason to assume that this limited to muscle configurations. Our unconscious mind picks up more than the few categories we have consciousness of. 

On how many channels can we form impressions about others with our own simulation process? Given that we share the same basic setup, something about every experience should be within range. I don’t think that specific thought can be picked up, such as a particular chair if the other person has never seen the chair, but one thing is definitely empathized with. Emotions and relationship. All thoughts eventual relate to realized processes in the body, and the flesh. There is a difference between thought and action, but the region of overlap is large. 

People can feel it when we make ourselves feel a certain way. There is somatic semantics to our bodies, which allows others to gain an insight into ours. And for us to gain an insight into theirs. A person prostrate and in self-denial will be experienced by our simulation in our bodies, and we experience aversion. For the close we are to that person the more we feel icky. 

What is important to understand is that all we really experience is relationship as experienced in the other person, not content. Which is why the way we feel about ourselves has such a strong impact on other people and their experience of us. When we are totally at ease with ourselves, regardless of the content of what we are at ease with or how we conceptualize ourselves, charisma increases. And how we feel about ourselves, the self-relationship, is the most universal thing we can communicate, for it is absolutely independent of virtualized content.

The reason why charisma is so infectious is because it is the language of our body, mind, and spirit. It speaks to the only unconditional relationship we can have, completely independent of objectified and conceptual thought to experience—though they are often involved. And to the degree that we can experience, and thus embody, an unconditional self-love is the degree to which to they can read our message. I can be loved, you can be loved, we can all be liberated! And that will lead them to flock to the charisma, because the mere exposure to it brings it a bliss by simulation that is deeply vicarious. Where else, and how else, could they ever experience that which they seek for all their life without actually having it?

Charisma is the answer. But remember that, as much as some will flock to it, others will resist it, for it is proof that they have not arrived yet. And that is something they are unlikely willing to confront.