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True Enlightenment


True Enlightenment

Art Von Sy

True enlightenment is not freedom, true enlightenment is liberation. True enlightenment owes no ounce. True enlightenment is the island of the cosmos.

Those who speak of enlightenment as a destination are fools and frauds. The one who stops seeking has begun. But the one who ceases to pursue has given up.

Enlightenment is the movement from ignorance to knowing, from shade to clarity and from blindness into vision.

Man is blind, but not all men are blind in the same way. Enlightenment is liberation, not freedom. Liberation is the movement of freedom. But freedom does not exist. No one can give me even one example of a freedom that was not just a swap of one prison for another of more novel and for the moment being desirous specifications. 

Freedom leaves you. Freedom can’t be sustained. Freedom must expire by its very nature. Enlightenment is to know this. Enlightenment is to awaken to this. Enlightenment is to move as the motion of freedom and sharpen in the capacity to vitalize it. Liberation is the movement of freedom and ever present.

To leave a prison one must first know it as a prison. To know a prison one must edge upon its bars and walls. Enlightenment is to know that this prison is also freedom. Enlightenment is to know this so intimately that no shade of darkness is void of the incessant light. 

Enlightenment is transitive. Those who enlighten only enlighten to something out of something else. It’s the movement from ignorance to awareness and from awareness to freedom and from freedom to liberation. Once there, liberation becomes everything in every moment, like a muscle to be exercised. It is the muscle of life and meaning.

Those who claim absolute enlightenment affirm absolute ignorance. Creeds from East and West have for millennia confused the boundaries of their attainment, existence and consciousness for those of the world. And they confused the seductions of consolation for those of truth. They confused the relief from their woes for peace. They have confused the satisfaction of their whims for beauty. They have confused regress for progress by denying the everlasting principle of life: innovation.

True enlightenment enlightens to itself. And no scripture is its authority, no saint its avatar for no prejudice can be its gatekeeper. Idiots will claim what they don’t understand, a master knows what only a student understands.

After freedom there is passion. After enlightenment is creation. After creation is bondage. And after bondage is freedom. But after true enlightenment there is only liberation, unconditionally, as the movement of all truth and beauty.

True enlightenment is the endless pursuit of wisdom and ignorance, leaving beyond nothing, and this euphoric blaze of innovation and excellence will feel still. There is only the flow, there is only the movement, there is only life touching life incessantly.