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Identify Nothing With Nothing on Your Mind


Identify Nothing With Nothing on Your Mind

Art Von Sy

What is there other than presence? What isn’t there other than absence? Who are you other than their cradle? What are you other than existence?

Is the lack of something nothing? Is the lack of nothing something? How do you know what nothing is? How do you know when nothing is at all?

I dare you to identify nothing with nothing on your mind. I dare you to discover nothing without a conception of it. I dare you to explore nothing with no opposite in mind. I dare you to touch reality.

I will ask of you to question the prerequisite of your experience. I will ask you to examine the provenance of your origin. I will ask you to reverse an inversion until you rise with the genuine smirk of the absurdity.

Dare and you’ll know what absurdity I speak of. Dare and you will notice what the liberation tastes like. Dare and you may never need to dare again.

Stop looking for the absence of what you long for. Cease looking for the presence of what comforts you. Begin to realize yourself as the cast of both. You are reality experiencing existence. Let the bureaucrats of your mind retire, their pension is your jackpot.

The probe will always be in the heart of the explorer. Leave the probe behind, then you are the explorer. The only creator creates itself. If the painting has any color, the painting painted itself.

You are the painter and the painting, painting and beholding each other. Leave the continuum behind, and abide where alpha and omega meet.

There is nothing as you know it.