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Coherence Paradox Destination


Coherence Paradox Destination

Art Von Sy

There is no neutral state. There is no superposition. This is just a childish hope. It is the desire for a better tomorrow and perfect self. This tendency must be overcome at once.

There is no freedom, there is only liberation. There is no neutral state, there is only neutralizing, endlessly. There is no enlightenment, there is only perpetual enlightening, albeit at ever increasing higher levels. The omnicle is a weak minded whim. A theoretical convenience. A postulate, not a reality. 

I hope and dream for a future that shall never arrive so long as I hope for it. The Vast can only be touched by sequential taste of its infinite and seemingly contradictory permutations. The boxes of our ego constellations can only be transcended if we release them as we experience them.

This is a necessarily painful process that we must find comfort in, so that we desensitize to the violent dissolution. The man with a destination will only look for paths, the man with a path will find destinations. The paradox of attainment is only a paradox of mode of thought.

A certain coherence and ecology of thought must be achieved to dissolve the paradox without dissolving it. And this means to be Vast without being Vast, and to be contracted without being contracted, at once.