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The Limits of Your Imagination Are Not


The Limits of Your Imagination Are Not

Art Von Sy

The boundaries of your reality are the boundaries of your mind.

The obstacles you feel to be in the way of yourself and your desires are made of thought.

But you might not notice that. That is the trick. 

Can you distinguish the obstacles in your mind from those in the world?

The greatest achievement is to discover a real obstacle and face it until you match it.

Most people live under the threat of obstacles they've never encountered.

When was the last time you encountered the obstacles you avoid? 

I don't care about solving this after the fact. It's useless. Talking about restrictions after it happened is therapy.  

I offer personal power to show up in the deep now with the total gravity of your presence.

I only work on present solutions. The past is but an idea. The present is all there is. The future is its potential. That's one of the principles of Vast.

When you practice Resonance Meditation, you move beyond the restrictions of your verbal and visual mind by dropping into Motion.

Motions are the impulses that turn your thoughts into action. And abiding with Motion renders your experience of self and reality boundless.

The presumed obstacles of your reality, are made of words and pictures. This is different from what is called Mindfulness Meditation these days that relies on labeling your experience to develop an even greater dependency on words.

Resonance cultivates a state of obstaclessness by transcending the very language that codes the presumed obstacles that diminish you.

Rather than to deal with obstacles on a case by case basis, or long after the moment has passed, you can shift your mind beyond it.

By having the choice of bypassing these mental restrictions, you move beyond dissonance and fragmentation. 

What if you could show up without the weight of your mental limits and simply be present beyond labels?

You'd access flow states. You'd drop anxiety. You'd lose irrational fear. You'd be on your best. You'd have confidence without self-absorption and access to your inner faculties.

Just like that.