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The Limit Behind Your Face


The Limit Behind Your Face

Art Von Sy

There are always more possibilities in the world than there are restrictions in your interpretation of it.

Your mind is limited to what you can process. Your awareness is limited to what you can reflect on.

You might experience a boundary or a dead end 'out there', but it only emerges in response to the resistance 'in here'. If you are rigid, in identity, mind, and attitude, your freedom of action is limited to the few contexts that perfectly match 'you'. Every challenge, problem and ambition in your reality is created by the difference your presence brings to it.

Your boldness is charged by the difference between how you show up and what shows up for you.

You can face a situation head on and force your way through the maze of life and purpose. 
Or you can look the other way, think vast, and notice that the difficulties are only a perception.

This perception is held in place by the most powerful variable, the invisible variable, your embodied set of beliefs: identity.

You identity is like a block of ice that won't melt. Your presence is the water that forms it. Identity is only one of many possible configurations of your total self.

You are not the current manifestation of yourself, you are the Vast range of it all. That is Presence, and
the fearless and playful exploration of that is Vast.

Hacking your presence means to rediscover yourself anew in every moment with the freedom to explore and innovate the parameters of your existence.

You can do this by recognizing the internal resistance that creates external limits, liquefy your rigid identity into presence, and shift the defining factor of your reality.

Presence is reality, and its limits are identity. This is the basic principle of reality distortion.