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The Active Wisdom of Freedom


The Active Wisdom of Freedom

Art Von Sy

Freedom is the ability to see clearly enough to expand our awareness.

It is the curiosity and drive to gain knowledge with that awareness.

And though they say information is power, the knowledge only comes alive once we know how to use it.

Awareness that is alive is expressive awareness. Information that is power is creative information.

Once your awareness can see the boundaries that restrict you, you can begin to learn how to use your awareness creatively to erase the lines in the sand you thought were real.

Arrogance will cloud your view. Allow yourself to be naive and discover the new things to know. 
And then make use of your awareness and knowledge by influencing the world around you wth it.

Once you can do that, freedom will become your substance. Freedom will be just another habit. 

Freedom will become a verb and skill you can use wherever you are and however you are.

That skill is liberation, the active wisdom of freedom.