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In the Way of Yourself


In the Way of Yourself

Art Von Sy

Lest your dreams feed your nightmare. Lest you let the vessel become your obstacle.

You are distorting your reality to render distant what you want the most because you believe yourself inadequate. The difference between the inadequate you and the adequate you is drawn fixed to cast the distance between what you desire and yourself.

No matter what objects you acquire, what people you collect, what events you put yourself through, that rift of inadequacy must be dissolved before it can be overcome.

The default assumption is that you must edit yourself, improve somehow to be good enough for your heart’s desire. But to the degree to which you have not made friends with your total essence is the degree to which you will always feel inadequate for what you want most deeply, at odds with your calling. In the attempt to edit and qualify yourself you devise vessels to get you to the other side.

And the vessels with which you attempt to bridge the rift merely consolidate its fiction, and the vessels become the very obstacle. That is yourself in the way of yourself.