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Art Von Sy

Beyond fear, beyond approval, beyond reproach, because you beat the heart of god.

At first he world is In There. We conflate our experience with the experience of the world. A child will close her eyes expecting everyone else to stop seeing. Or you will assume that how you feel is what everyone else feels. Your phenomenology is projected out into the world.

Then we discover the world as Out There. This is the super pragmatist. The logical positivist. There is only material stuff and the material stuff is primary. One builds tools and more tools to change and manipulate the world out there. 

But after a while, even that seems like an ignorant view. There is a limit to the world of Out There and eventually, with a little introspection you realize that the world Out There is generated In Here. And that whatever we experience Out There is really experienced in here, our body, our mind.

This stage is rarely realized. Out There and In Here can’t exist independent from each other. Though many have tried to and failed miserably. When the Out There and In Here collapse, you have realized that the boundary is artificial.

Nothing really separates the inside and the outside world. The distinction is a mere convenience, a mere occurrence. You realize that the further you reach Out There, the deeper you reach In Here, and the further you reach In Here the further you reach Out There. The final stage in this succession of glitches is reached when the reflexive interpenetration collapses into the final stage: Out Here.

The field of reality becomes your domain of mastery and nothing can unsettle you. You are beyond fear, beyond approval, beyond reproach, because you have realized that you beat the heart of god.

There is no world In Here, there is no world Out There, there is a world Out Here, all levels interpenetrate each other. Realizing this is the source of ultimate power. This the intersection between imagination and reality.