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Love Anticipates No Pain


Love Anticipates No Pain

Art Von Sy

Without fear you are free.
Without fear you are the essence.
Beyond pain you are joy,
Beyond pleasure you are joy.
When you love yourself, you gain yourself.
And there is no more you feign for self.

When you are in love, you are like a child. Yes, you are not an adult. Because adults don’t exist. Adults are children in their own captivity.

As a child you are trusting, you are not afraid to become rather than to be what you were. You do reckless things, for reck is just an unnamed stranger.

When we refrain from doing what springs from our heart and leaps from our mind, it’s because we fear. We fear nothing in particular other than the promise of pain. A promise we make in secrecy to ourselves. A private pact of which not even the universe is privy of.

As a grown up you don’t trust yourself. As an adult you distrust the Vast way of the chaotic order. The dynamic ways in which reality streams are forever concealed to those who conform to a static notion of themselves and thus impose the same reduction onto the world.

Do you not trust yourself to realize the dynamic spirit of your expectations? Do you fear being shown right while proven wrong? Do you fear what it takes to express your essence with abandon?

When you are in love you don’t fear the pain of your static expectations, you are its dynamic essence. When you are in love you are the river, you are the stream, you are the life, you are the fish, you are the death, you are the wonder, you are the essence. 

Beyond pain, beyond pleasure, diving where it leads you, leaping where you lead it. You are the essence.