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Simply Present to Oneself


Simply Present to Oneself

Art Von Sy

The artist's function in society is to do the things that everyone is afraid of, and despite it stand tall in radiant comfort. Show everyone out there that this is, not what they should be afraid of, but what they should express. 

And to stand even taller than before, with the utmost confidence and certainty as the vulnerability of their weaknesses transforms into the strength in the public’s eye. For what the public's morals never question, nor derived by themselves, always just assumed, always merely accepted, they run on blind faith.

You are the one who exposes those parts that everyone is uncomfortable with and re-educates them, and shows them that these are the parts to die for. 

You, as the artist, are the one who frees them from the muck of self-denial. Open their minds to the radiance of themselves. The perfections of their imperfections. And you will despise them for that.

You will despise them for their sudden adoption. You will despise their unconscious motivations. They will miss the point. They will take the spoils and discard the spirit. And the contempt for their conformity will rise you even higher to abide in the very spirit of innovation and liberation. And so the cycle sustains. And you love the cycle, for the cycle is the lattice of truth.

It is that spirit, this relationship with oneself that they mistake for its superficial trappings. It’s not that the exceptional are simply exceptional, but that they are so fucking comfortable with everything that the mass is uncomfortable with. This is the presence that allows you to get there, to have this eternal, private corner in their cortex. 

But the message has for aeons been misunderstood. The quirks and eccentricities are simply replicated, but the meaning is lost. That these quirks are the very demons they will have fought all their life's to hide and conceal. The magic lies not in the quirks of the power symbols, but in making your quirks your symbols of power.

It is simply this, presence to oneself, not absorption with oneself.