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The Spirit of the Circumference


The Spirit of the Circumference

Art Von Sy

You are not that which stands upon the foundation, neither are you that which glances up into the clouds.

You are not bound to foundations, neither are you restricted to the heights.

You are the thunder that breaks out from the skies and pushes itself into the earth. 

You are the spark of life bursting into a flame. But you're not the burned, neither are you the flame.

You are the spark, you are life, you are the change that forever sustains.

You are that which brings to life the heavens and the earth, you are the creator of all heaven and hell.

Your cosmos is limited only by the range of your consciousness. 

As Vast Presence, you are not the range but the growth of range. May you find yourself in the charge of the edge, as the spirit of the circumference.