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The Substance of Reality as Radical Presence


The Substance of Reality as Radical Presence

Art Von Sy

Radical Presence is to be in spite of, because of, and irrespective of the conditions. Your quality of existence is fundamentally unconditional. And you can transcend the conditions by cutting out and bypassing extraneous thought structures. 

Your presence and your reality are not contingent on your approval or external validation. It’s when you dissolve your idea of yourself, and yourself in reality that you exist at your peak. That is the presence of action in the spirit of reality.

You begin realize that you don’t even need to conform to yourself to conform yourself. You realize that you don’t need to be confident to confident. That you don’t need to be comfortable to be comfortable. All you need to do is to suspend virtuality and let go of yourself, dissolve yourself, forget yourself to find yourself in the perpetual vast order. Realize that you only exist so long as you don’t know you do.

You can stop doing and be the doing in its perpetual unfolding. Your mind is allowed to be clear. In fact, it must be utterly clear, utterly pure for you to absorb reality with your total bandwidth. You can't be absorbed by yourself, not even a quanta. Simply because you don’t exist, for you are the field of reality, you are the substance of the world.