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Radical Presence Is Vast Yoga


Radical Presence Is Vast Yoga

Art Von Sy

Presence is more than who or what you think you are. Presence is to cognition illusive if not utterly elusive. Presence is you, as well the seeming world around you.

Presence is your total embodiment, but it is not what you embody. Presence is who you are to yourself; presence is who you are to the world—pre- and post-conceptual.

Presence is the meaning of the world. And only when you truly have it will the world have the meaning of the presence. Presence is as you are before you are.

Presence is the ever shifting crystallizing of your experience. Presence is the reality you created. Presence is what gives value and brings truth into the world.

Presence is how you dream up the world, and presence is how you relate to it as a mere yet central part.

Vast its circumference, presence is the nexus, and reality its consequence. Presence is the expression of an unconditional truth borne of the transformational focus of an inexorable, unyielding purpose.

Radical Presence is all the above resonating in vast unity.

Radical Presence is Vast Yoga.