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Hole Desires, Whole Continuum


Hole Desires, Whole Continuum

Art Von Sy

All desires are a mirage. And lead only to the mirage of satisfaction. The desire and the satisfaction are only that in response to the preliminary. The fictitious hole you create is the only thing that is fixed. Yet fixed only as long you keep it there. When you remain unaware of it, it keeps its power and hold over you.

The hold remains as you look out into the world to find suitable compensations out there. And this is why, once you find it, you seek for new and other, as the hole remains, and you are still chasing its mirage. You will try to find another compensation. Only when you become aware of the process by which you create the hole, will you learn and realize how whole you really are.

And this relationship of concepts with their mirage is, when not discovered, a drowned, split or lost continuum. Where one pole of the continuum is inside of us and the other side we seek out there. And we only see the other side, never do we realize that we carry inside makes the thing outside so desirable.