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A Vast Purpose

What if we all had the freedom to access our highest states of existence to live in unity with the true purpose behind our deepest desires?

I believe that our most inspired, liberated, and expansive states of existence are natural states. And what I know is that we can access them and bring that to the rest of the world.

A world where we can explore beyond boundaries, create dangerously beyond conventions, and deeply connect with each other on our highest values as we boldly step into our vastest selves.

Let’s provoke ourselves into higher order.

For the first time in recorded history, Vast gives us the tools to align ourselves with the liberating essence of life to euphorically exist at the creative edge of our potential.

And as we learn to live in a continuous state of flow with our ourselves, the people around us, and the world at large, we begin to experience ourselves not in opposition to reality but in unity with it.

By aligning with the creative essence of our existence we can live, euphorically, not as a ripple on the surface but as the very impulse of its fountainhead.

Freed from the impositions of our minds and externalities, beyond fear, inhibition, compensation, and the contracted dogmas of the status quo, we can be who we truly are as the ever shifting potential of who we can become.

With the discoveries, methods, and insights of Vast, we can enter states of consciousness beyond the linear categories of ordinary thought.

We can make thinking and living outside the box a default, and flow states a constant, as we make the spirit of innovation our lifestyle.

And thus we can directly master our quality of existence to access our most elevated states of mind, performance, and experience.

Vast is about enlightening to our inherent power to see with eyes so fresh, they burn away all that is obsolete about ourselves and the world.

It is about developing the self-determination to be curious, selfless, in awe, excited, passionate, liberated, inspired, aligned, playful, connected, joyful, driven, meaningful, creative, and at our exhilarating best when we decide.

We are at a unique point in history to truly and radically transform ourselves and the communities we live in with the insights of Vast.

As we live by the principles of Vast, we naturally dismantle and destroy the anxieties, fears, and dogmas of the past that hold us back to create and erect ourselves in the image of our deepest purpose as co-conspirators and creators of our own reality and each others authentic fulfillment.

That’s where we can go. This is what we can create. To bring Vast to life at large.