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How to access flow states with meditation. Resonance is a flow state meditation. Resonance is a flow state exercise that brings you profound personal alignment.


Resonance Meditation

Dissolve the barriers within. Align with your potential. Discover the power of directly accessing flow states.

Every moment is a moment where we can decide how we respond in mind, emotion and behavior. But unless we know how to make that decision, this choice is only a distant dream.

By practicing Resonance, you will develop your expressive awareness of this space of self-determination where this moment to moment choice becomes an intuitive reality.

Resonance dissolves the barriers between you and yourself. It allows you to access your deeper abilities with intuitive ease by opening you up to the gap between intention and expression (Motion).

It’s in this gap that we form the unconscious impulses that govern our experience and behavior. As you become aware of this gap and familiar with Motion, you can silence your reactivity, the compulsions, and the restrictive patterns that may run amok, whether big or small.

The ultimate trigger to peak performance, flow and a joyful experience is not out there, it is within. It is yourself.

However, most exciting about this is that Motion allows you to express what you think as you think it without asking yourself, your beliefs, or your mind for permission.

Motion allows you to directly control your state of mind and experience with the same effortless and pre-cognitive principle with which you move your hand without any mental strain or reflection. The thought, or the intention, expresses itself without hesitation. 

Resonance was precision designed to provoke the calming and vitalizing effects of traditional meditation faster, deeper, and with less effort. Because design, in all things, matters.

Cultivate & Generate

Mental Clarity











When you are in deep connection with yourself, you are in deep connection with your capacities. One of the cool things about being in resonance is that you will have a lot more spontaneous and expendable energy. As Resonance helps you dissolve self- fragmentation, you will find your resources at your fingertips. Practicing Resonance just a few times a day can result in spontaneous rushes of euphoria.


You will develop an immediate relationship with your faculties by practicing Resonance, and the causes of stress and anxiety become secondary. However, beyond regulating emotions, the principles of Resonance can enable you to express and feel however you like, whether it’s joy, happiness, satisfaction, motivation, peace or excitement. Resonance and Motion will give you the freedom of choice that will increase your freedom of expression.


Resonance is powerful at reaching higher states of consciousness. Diving not only deeper but also learning how to navigate the deeper levels of mind, body and experience through Motion, opens your mind to possibilities of thought impossible before. Resonance can open your awareness to the subtle fields of your consciousness and expand your reach and breadth of thought. And this can allow you to make the rarity of creative epiphanies more common place.


The best way to perform at your best is by being at your best. Resonance is an autotelic meditation technique that, by design, increases the experience of flow. Flow is the technical term for being in the zone. It’s marked by an ability to focus for long periods of time without any signs of fatigue or discomfort in utter absorption with the task. You might experience everything slowing down, and yourself dissolving and at the same time fusing with the task at hand. Learning is accelerated, concentration strengthened, and focus refined. What prevents people from being in flow is themselves. Practicing Resonance and learning to vitalize the Motion of the state will allow you to ignite it by putting yourself into the state of flow almost as immediately as flicking your wrist. 


Would you say that your quality of life would be increased if you had the ability to respond as you like, when you like, with the calm comfort of control? Resonance is a generative meditation technique, in that it cultivates deep skills that generalize through different contexts. It’s just like learning how to read. At first it’s a conscious and focussed effort that eventually becomes effortless and automatic. Discovering Motion for yourself will probably be one of the most exciting periods of your life. Because the more you get to know it, the more you will find yourself able to spontaneously arouse it. You will not only become more responsive to yourself, but more responsive to life.


Motion is the intersection of thought and action, intention and expression. Motion precedes and follows, supersedes and underlies every expression in your experience. If you struggle to feel calm, or happy, or focussed, or relaxed, or in flow, or creative, or euphoric, it’s because the current parameters of your mind prevent you from expressing the Motion that stimulates those states of existence. Resonance doesn’t need to try to dumb you down and convince you to throw your mind away. It simply teaches you how to sidestep and ignite yourself directly at the source of your expressions. It’s what happens inside of your body, right after you notice something exciting, and right before the excitement is expressed within you. The range of applications is unlimited. Motion allows you to perform without the limits of your mind interfering, whilst still being able to use it to think.


The quality of meditation can be measured by how clear your mind becomes. However, just because it is valuable doesn't mean that it has to be difficult. Resonance can give you instant clarity that is for you to keep and not exclusive to when you close your eyes.


The value of a method lies not only in what the instructions say, but also what they provoke with what they don't say. There is no need for you to wrestle with your mind before you can enjoy resonance. The elegant design of the method simply sidesteps the early stumbling blocks.


Inherent in resonance is a deep appreciation for the unconscious. Most complaints of mind and body are borne of the two being out of sync. Yet it's not only mind and body, but also our cerebral hemispheres. Resonance deconditions your impulses to scatter your attention and teaches you how to align you whole body and mind into a concerted focus. It teaches you to do this by developing a self-awareness that is pre-cognitive and rooted in your sensory reality.


The benefits of meditation are not due to what it teaches us, but due to what it helps us unlearn. As most of human suffering happens on the level of thought, employing thoughts to release it is like the police asking the mafia to keep the crime rate down. Resonance is unique among meditation techniques in that it doesn't rely on words, symbols, representations or any other form of intellectualizations to work. Seeing clearly is seeing without concepts, because experience is more than just a set of statements.


If you have tried to meditate with little to no results, it is not your fault. Meditation should enable us to live and be as we are regardless of space and time. Most meditation techniques were developed thousands of years ago by people very different from us in mind, environment, demands, pressures, and very likely genes. This is why most techniques are more effort than rewards outside the time capsule of a monastery. Resonance was developed in the 21st century for the 21st century to allow you to face modernity rather than to hide from it.

Unify yourself. Enter Resonance.

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